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The Eden Project

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Seeing you was so bittersweet I almost died. My heart jumped but my head kept screaming: why? And I almost thought that I could change the past.

And I almost, but that never really lasts. Oh And I′m shot. Oh baby I'm shot. But I′m not. Whatever you wanted. Forever just wanting. You. And I hope you notice. And could come around. 'Cos I always blow it. And run it into the ground. And silence keeps me frozen. And you won't make a sound. So I hope you notice. Screaming man down. And I′ll only say this one time. Your headlines won′t get none of my time. Yeah I'm lying. ′Cos I still can't find out. Why I′m so divided. Replay those few days over. Somehow I'll find it. Somewhere in your words. When you leant on my shoulder. I might act distant but I swear that it′s not over. I don't want to hear it. But I gotta know, yeah I just gotta know. Is there a reason, do you care if I'm still breathing. Or am I insane? For thinking we could′ve made it. Oh baby we could′ve made it. Oh baby I'm shot. But I′m not. Whatever you wanted. Forever just wanting. You. But you'll never know it. ′Cos I'm just way too proud. Hide behind my ego. Block the whole world out. And these words they don′t come easy. And they don't come loud. So you'll never know it. Screaming man down. I just saw God. I just saw God. Outside the liquor store. You told me I was lost. I... lost.

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