T Battle

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Keep act'n like you rep da boogy down bronx... I come frome the land of the honky tonk... So if ya cant walk dat walk dont talk dat talk...

Keep talk'n dat shit and ill split ya dome... Smake ya ass up and send ya home... Ya come ta battle me ya better where ya vest... Cause ya cant free style wit a slug in ya chest... Dats what'll happn' if i give it my best... I flow like a convoy, dis mic is my toy Scream it out loud and proud bad ass black boy... Yall scared ta see me on da mic cause i might say Somthing ya might not like, like i'm da great black... Yo, if hind site's 20/20 you should have ya eyes riped out And glued to ya ass... So you can look back in da past & see how bad I just spanked dat ass... I ain't try'n to win dis battle i'm all ready da best... So i'ma catch my breath and let you finish da rest...

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