SongtexteSomething There

Susan Egan

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Belle: (Sung) Theres something sweet And almost kind But he was mean and he was course and refined

And now hes dear And so unsure I wonder why i didnt see it there before Mrs.Potts: (Spoken) Come along deary lets get you out of those wet things Beast: (Sung) She glanced this way I thought I saw And when we touched she didnt shudder at my paw No it cant be I'll just ignore But then she never looked at me that way before (Spoken) Belle I have something to show you but first you have to close your eyes its a suprise Belle: (Spoken) May I open them Beast: Alright alright NOW! Belle: Oh I cant belive it Iv'e never seen so many books in my life Beast: You like it Belle: Its wonderful Beast: Its yours Belle: (Sung) New and a bit alarming Who'd of ever thought that this could be True that he's no prince charming But theres something in him that I simply didnt see (Spoken) Oh this is one of my favorites its King Aurther have you ever read it Beast: No Belle: Well you dont know what your missing I would love to read this again wait you can read it first Beast: No thats alright Belle: No really your read it Beast: No you Belle: No you Beast: NO! I cant Belle: You never learned to read Beast: Only a little and that was long ago Belle: It just so happens that this is the perfesct book to read aloud come here sit by me Lumiere: (Sung) Well who'd of thought Mrs.Potts: (Sung) Well bless my soul Lumiere: Well who'd of known Mrs.Potts: Well who indeed Lumiere: And who'd of guessed they'd come together on their own Mrs.Potts: Its So peculiar Both: Wait and see A few days more There may be something there that wasnt there before Cogsworth: (Sung) There might be something there that wasnt there before Chip: (Spoken) What? Mrs.Potts: There may be something there that wasnt there before Chip: Whats there mama Mrs.Potts: Shh I'll tell you when your older Come along chip lets give them some privacy Chip: Mama Mrs.Potts: Yes Chip Chip: Will I ever get to be a boy again Mrs.Potts: I hope so Chip: When will I know Mrs.Potts: Soon it its to be it will be very soon now come along son Belle: Knowing not that this was indeed the legendary stone called Excaliber Aurther tried to pull it from the stone he tried once to no evail he tried a second time but still he could not pull it out then for the third time Aurther drew fourth the sword Beast: So that must mean hes the king Belle: Wait and see Beast: I never knew books could do that Belle: Do what Beast: Take me away from this place make me forget for a little while Belle: Forget? Beast: Who I what I am Belle: We have something in common you know Beast: What is that Belle: In the town where I come from the people think I'm odd Beast: You? Belle: So I know how it feels to be different and i know how lonely that can be for the third time Aurther drew fourth the sword and there arose from the people a great shout Aurther is king Beast: Told you so

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