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When I look out my window There′s so many people I can see And when I look out my window

There's so many people I can be But it′s strange, oh Lord I can't astrain Two rabbits runnin' in a ditch! Yeah I guess it must be season of the witch! Woah, hear me talkin′ again, Hear me talkin′ baby! Don't put your moon around me, child Hey! Won′t send me, baby! Keep your moon as far away from me, babe! Oh lord, I need your help, I need your help! Yeah I need help! C'mon and save me, c′mon and save me. Said save me! I'm comin′ down, child, I'm goin' deeper! So dark, child, it′s so dark, child! I can′t see you, I can't see you! It′s so dark, babe, oh lord, get some light! I need light! Yeah, watch me run away! Watch me run away! Watch me run! Look at me run, child. Watch me run, watch me run babe! Oh yeah, oh yeah yeah! YEEEAAAAAHH WOOOAAHH!!!! Woah, it's alright, babe, it′s alright baby, it's alright! It′s alright child, it's ok to put a spell on me babe! Good lord, I've gone blind! Woah, yeah I′ve gone blind! Yeah I′ve gone blind! Yeah I can feel you babe! Oh! Yeah I'm long! Wanna be yonder child? What do you think I see? Good lord, I can see! Yeah, take your moon as far away from me! Take your moon as far away from me! Goin′ deep yeeaaaahh!! Goin' deeper babe! Goin′ deeper babe! SUCK!!

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