SongtexteSomeone Is Waiting

Stephen Sondheim

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 26. Juli 2017
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ROBERT: Someone is waiting, Cool as Sarah, Easy and loving as Susan...

Jenny... Someone is waiting, Warm as Susan, Frantic and touching as Amy... Joanne... Would I know her, even if I met her? Have I missed her? Did I let her go? A Susan sort of Sarah, A Jennyish Joanne... Wait for me, I'm ready now I'll find you if I can! Someone will hold me, Soft as Jenny, Skinny and blue-eyed as Amy... Susan... Someone will wake me, Sweet as Amy, Tender and foolish as Sarah... Joanne... Did I know her? Have I waited too long? Maybe so... but maybe so has she. My blue-eyed Sarah, warm Joanne, Sweet Jenny, loving Susan, Crazy Amy, Wait for me... I'll hurry! Wait for me... Hurry! Wait for me... Hurry! Wait for me...

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