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Squid Sisters

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You′re ready. What's up? I know karate There, Julie. Yoy mean I caught a song? Hear that? Mommy, you need to rock it.

You know how to. Now, on my own. Then now fuel the melody. You better ink! Jump and evolve. Shut up, shut up. Put on, you know me. They leap up out of ink. Get on, melody. Deny that you′re not touchy, not so touchy. Shut up, mii. You're not A bad, bad man! You're ready for it. We know karate. There, chew it. You need to cut us off? Hear that? You leave. You′d lead her out if you know how to. I′m on my own. Here and fuel the melody. You better ah! Hear that? Too bad. We knock her out. And ah, hear that? You mean the battle's on? Get out. Shall we. They′ll eat her up and you know how to. You're not alone. You know how to fire, fire. You better ink!

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