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A child of the ghetto Know how to sleng me an elbow I made a deal with the devil

Then came up out the cevil Kilo, so f**k a hero In my back yard Is now where my weed grow I make the block bleed Servin fiends in need I did my first murder At the age of seven-teen So now it′s biziteen Imagen pinkie ring Choppen up the scene Candy coated limisune So whatcha wanna see I'm ballin at twenty-three Sippin down pea This is my disteny I′m pimpin big canton From Houston to San Anton My pistol grip is chrome Bustin ballas at your dome Took a trip to rome But i made it back home Sittin all alone I'm on the Latin Throne WHAT! (Chorus) 2x I'm the child of the ghetto(ghetto) Said i′m the child of the ghettooo Now weeto home boy My people trip on the halle My people killin my people And we dont know what to call it F**kin a barrio war For the niggas who live in the? ? Right at the people for who do Never can go strong as the right? Dealin′ with democrates Eatin' like f**kin rats Jackin′ with? That's because your to poor to have a gat Gotta da make it better way But your sister won′t let you Trap deep in your jail cell I be the locas who down Fools don't you know my familia Got? in shelter I′m keepin dose in the summer I'm rockin show's in the winter Makin somethin for nothin ? Now im hittin licks with some tricks Just to bring home some gravy ? On my rollex ? On my lexis I′m keepin it real for my people On the grind that have da hustle To you vatos lowridein and players That got it made Turn your life around now And ask god for a better way! uhh! Chorus 2x Sometimes a niggar wish That i can get away From the shit today Damn there′s got to be A better way Dont you ever say that you can't Get out your predicument Change for the better Cause dont know when i can give a shit If you innocent, if you guilty and just sayin it Barely makin it and motherf**kers say That they hate me Kick dos and batteries Get for my family Gotta ford da salary Dat little sisters had da eat It′s sad to see that tradgity And agginy of casuolty Heard some niggas after me And dont know the half of me If that's the way it has to be Then god let′em murder me Standing here today but Dont know if i deserve to be But i cant let it worry me I gots to make my feria My only fear is god So dont think i'll be a scard of ya I stay two steps ahead of ya So ain′t nobody holdin me My boy's out here will bury ya So why dont you f**k over me

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