SongtexteShould Have Loved You More


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VERSE 1 You are a dream come to life I thought I never would find You gave me love and asked for nothing in return Except my heart for all time BRIDGE 1 So why did I hide my emotions away That question will haunt me till it′s my dying day ' Cos I had you here Could have had you still Should have begged you to stay CHORUS I didn′t hold you the way that I could I never told you the things that I should It's down to me that you walked out that door I should have loved you more VERSE 2 You gave me plenty of time You never pushed me enough The hardest part is that I loved you from the start But I would not let it show BRIDGE 2 Why did I hide my emotions away That question will haunt me till it's my dying day Now I know what to do and I know what to say But I know I′m too late CHORUS MIDDLE EIGHT More should have loved you Should have told you Baby how much I really care BRIDGE 3 Why did I hide my emotions away Try to forget you but it doesn′t work out that way Every night I pray I will get one more chance some day CHORUS: 2 times

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