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Sha Na Na

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(Re-mem-mem, re-mem-mem-mem-ber, oop-shoop) (Re-mem-mem, re-mem-mem-mem-ber, oop-shoop) (Then, remember then)

Whoa-oh-oh-oh-eeh-eeh (Remember then) That night we fell in love Beneath the stars above That was a lovely summer night Remember then (Then, then, then, then) (Re-mem-mem, re-mem-mem-mem-ber, Whoa-whoa-oh-oh, remember then) Summer′s over Our love is over To lose that love was such a sin Remember then (Then, then, then, then) (Remember, re-mem-mem, mem-mem-mem-mem-ber) Our love is in the past (Patta-past) Oh, has it gone so fast (Patta-fast) Why couldn't our love last? (Can′t last) (Wop-wop, patta-patta, pop-pop, shoo-wop-dah-bop-bop, ooh) I'm brokenhearted now Since we have parted now My mind wanders now and then Remember then (Then, then, then, then) (Remember, re-mem-mem, re-mem-mem-mem-ber, Whoa-whoa-oh-oh, remember then, Oop shoop) Ahh-ooh-ooh Re-mem-mem, re-mem-mem-mem-ber

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