SongtexteWhen There's No One Around

Sean Keane

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 22. Juli 2017
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This is the song that nobody knows I couldn't begin to describe how it goes. Well, it makes me cry or laugh right out loud

the song that I sing when there's no one around. This is the man that nobody sees he wears my old clothes and he looks just like me if he learned how to fly, he would never touch down the man that I am when there's no one around. It's four in the mornin' and I lie in my bed A tape of my failures playin' inside my head The hard knocks, the heartaches, the things I don't know I listen and wonder, "where did it go". () This is a glimpse of the child within He's so inmature, but he's still my best friend Just one of the boys who gets lost in the crowd The kid that I am when there's no one around. This is the dance I do every day I let my feet go and I wander away I let my soul free and follow the sound The dance that I do when there's no one around. ()

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