SongtexteHello Mr. Hyde

Screaming Banshee Aircrew

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Now every time that drink passes through my lips, I feel a change coming on, and it goes like this. It puts hair on my face, all over the place...

Makes me hot, ready for the chase. Oh yeah! So hey pretty girl you′d better put away those bits, I want to eat you up, and suck those lips. So daddy better keep your daughter away, Hyde is coming for your girl today. Oh yeah! And it goes like this... "Now there's something bad lurking this neighbourhood, He′s got devils eyes, and he's up to no good. There's a change coming on, deep inside, Goodbye Jekyll, Hello Mister Hyde. Yes he′s coming! And a changing! He′s a stalking you! He wants your bits. Sucks your lips. There's a change coming on, deep inside. Goodbye Jekyll, Hello Mister Hyde.

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