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#together against coronavirus

All praises to the most high Yahawah Yea

Praise Yah Man there ain't nothing to it Yea Yahawah is the power and these laws are the truest Keeping peace and brother unity is how we should do it When we walk with one accord there ain't no way that we're losing Yo i wasn't living right my sins were heavy influenced Chasing models sippin (sipping) bottles I was living in ruin And i'm just a young student show me how i could do it I don't live around too many who are feeling the movement So Kingdom in my mind is what i have to seek I have to be tried through the fire to be at peace The worlds bout to end i ain't lying it ain't discreet Yo they mocking (Yea nigga) You know what's up Niggas in the cut (Hey) Go roll it up fill my shit with sticky stuff (Play some turnt shit nigga) I'm lit as fuck in this bitch i'm tryna (trying to) fuck (I think this brother got something y'all should hear) (He got something to say) Yea Yea Just ease your mind for a little bit Listen to these words Yeah Yea I'm an Israelite but that don't make me better than them Everyone is catching smoke cause that is what he demands They say your rap is too religious i can see where you stand Cause i ain't bout to fake an image or add dope to the pan Niggas never gonna rate you till you come off the bench And chicks are gonna fuck When your clout is intense Oh now you cursing? Yea but more like i'm just airing a vent Cause they be quick to judge a brother for they pay off they rent Listen Focus on yourself Maybe things will start to make sense This ain't no conscious rap This a real life event Most of y'all in heavy sleep and i ain't here to pretend But i ain't mad cause that's the way it is No sons or daughters and no baby kids Yea My little cousin getting way too big Yea I feel it coming when the weekend hits Yea Remember all those nights when we was lit Yea But we was kids yea And who be guiding the throne So i named it reborn after souls who been torn How i look when telling y'all to rid your mind from the porn? Study black Christ Even if they silence you more Did you forget that we are moors and we don't answer to yours While these bars be holding weight like its a Kendrick or Cole But this broken record saying everything that you know If that lead ain't by example then don't give me your quotes If i'm a hypocrite then nigga that's the realest shit I try my best to keep it humble but i'm losing it If i fumble then they end up with the benefit Prescribe em with a hug cause love's the only fucking medicine I'm a hypocrite and still that be the realest shit I try my best to keep it humble but i'm losing it If i fumble then they end up with the benefit Prescribe em with a hug Listen I ain't got a million bucks i got lust (Hey, hey) Couple girls i wanna fuck and never love Now am i wrong to feel this? You say i'm outta my mind But I've been reading on these scripts and still the evil resides It don't die it get live for a resurrection You're tryna (trying to) step up in my lane avoid the intersection It's the city where they're moving reckless I double check the check list For what i'm checking the mic is a loaded weapon But powers only given to those who see it's direction Acknowledging the gift if you know the ledge that you step in You need a solid bredrin (close friend) when spirits need an ascension It's soul-discretion But viewers don't pay attention It don't mean none Gave ya'll history but i repeat What? The same community we plant the seed to build the tree Is the same one that i'm starting to light the leaves Up So i'm sorry

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