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Rich Gang

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I'm a ball like Spalding nigga I'm a blood I'm a balla, you can call a nigga And I'm smokin angel dust, yes my nigga And I'm attracted to green like war niggas I'm a pull up late, Ricki Lake! And my jewelry's no joke, shit frosted like flakes I swear to God I'm baked like Easy Bake uhhh I send a bank statement that shit sound like a taser Yeah shawty like a shawty with a taser Fly that bitch to LA she ballin like a Laker I know not to tell and never speak to the neighbour In fact I can't see them I'm on so many acres Ever since I met shawty I feel like Hercules And I'm smokin bales of weed cause it grow on trees 6 golds in my mouth like a set of keys With my west boast blood bangin burgundy Rich bags under my eyes nigga Birkin these She say I want Victoria Secreeeets And I fuck her long watch her decrease Even though I'm a blood, she like "CC" She get mad whenever I bring a BB Shootin' a 223, DVD Watch me shoot a foe, way down the street Cost a whole hunnid band, band with the heat I'm a die for my clan, Ku Klux me Diamonds red like a muhfucka cut me And I smoke rusty and dusty What are you doin' in this game? I wanna know what are you doin' in this game Hey, baby girl whatcha doin' out here? What the fuck are you doin' out here? Hey, I know whatcha doin' out here I know whatcha doin' out here You killin' these bitches Killin' these niggas Cook a lot of white like Tommy Hilfiger Ay baby girl gimme this twat She love to sound like Brian Nichols Brian Nichol with a pussy out to kill it I ain't lookin for the swoop I need a bitch who got a million I want a bitch with some loot who gone take care of her kids I mean make sure her kids, straight forever udigg? I won't stop gettin money forever udigg? And I ain't talkin' bout a shovel, hmm udigg? I just bought a new dog that ate up the pig I just bought a new car, a hunna, udigg? Shhh, stop, a hunnid ain't shit 2 boys 1 month, a hunnid on them Can't go broke, it may not come again But a lot of money comin' in you don't belong here so Baby watch out for the shark Watch out for the cops Watch out for the thots They just want a piece of you like me Beat 'em like Bruce Lee Facin' life and you broke Look at my shoulder boy you can cry on me No, no tellin' but I told ya you can't control these streets If a pussy nigga play I'm gonna gun him down like a G Baby you can't see me I'm ballin you can't even D me

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