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#together against coronavirus

In this life I'm aggressive Playing chess not checkers Got up early for the money

Didn't even eat breakfast Tryna figure out the answers I ain't ask no questions Ain't gotta pay for a fade Hands-free like Tesla Bag a bitch in a new coupe Bag a bitch in the line Got my niggas with me bring 2 Finna bust it from behind Ass busting out the jeans Dreams never out of reach I ain't done with the mission Till the mission is complete Spaceships like Star Wars More green than a golf course More snitches in your squad than a Online criminal law course If you need us then call for us Bad boys no Martin Lawrence Still a fresh prince no Will Smith Kept it real with the fakes on some real shit 10 strokes in hit the kill switch Couldn't really take it take it Skinny nigga come through and surprise you So you can't really fake it fake it Shake it grab it break it drop that shit like it's a bad habit Shake it grab it break it drop that shit like it's a bad habit Any given night it's a mattress Nigga bitch get took like taxes They advice just opinionated facts Take your own advice and relax Chase dreams up blocks and back If it don't workout I did the max Any rap I rap gotta be facts Any woman I cuff gotta be black dawg If I offend you then pardon me Sit tight there's more to see Police on my dick saying my conduct too disorderly Preparing for battle and war I'm loaded with ammo Ahead of my time my future could live in my shadow Hood ass good ass got my eyes real low lil bitch Why you mad at me and not her Check your hoe lil bitch GQ the label let me know if you friend or foe lil bitch Might as well say I'm on coke I'm just that dope lil bitch I done got this motherfucker jumping jump rope lil bitch Like Cole said you woke but you still broke lil bitch The game need change and Querrell something like the remote lil bitch Stop babysitting that glass Time to drive the boat lil bitch

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