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Flash, flash! Jack just got the news God is alive! God is alive! CHORUS: Whoa, oh! {x3} God is alive News is comin' like a hurricane Comin' down hard on those who live in vain Treatin' each other funky when U know we're all the same God is alive, this is not a game CHORUS (He's alive) News is comin' like a dog in heat He's lookin' 4 soldiers with strong feet That can dance on whoever can't say His name God is alive, this is not a game (Listen) CHORUS (Listen) (Yeah, I'm a witness) (Do U believe?) (U know it) All of His children come take a blissy ride 4 all who see Him, 4 all He lives inside U can be so happy, purely satisfied God is alive Live, live! One step at a time, we need a new rhyme (Alive) Up with education, down with crime Alive! CHORUS (God is alive!) Live, live! God is alive! {x5} (CHORUS) {repeat parts in BG} Oh yeah Woke me up this morning Started me on my day Got my health and strength, y'all I can truly say Ooh, He's alive! Well Ah, He's alive! All over me Ah, He's alive! I'm a livin' witness That God's alive! I'm a livin' witness He's alive! Do U believe that He's alive? Do U believe, oh, He's alive? Ooh, yes He is Sho'nuff He is, well Yes He is Each breath I breathe lets me know Every step I take lets me know Every song I sing, oh, lets me know Oh, God is alive! Whoa, oh

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