SongtexteTorch Songs for the Heroine…

Peter Godwin

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 29. Juli 2019
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The love she feels exciting - is it a warning? Open arms open wide, then cast aside in the morning I've got no defense - there is no reward

We're better off hurting than just being bored Sometimes a stranger surprises you Sweeps you away with something more noble than gold A life of night - times wrapped in sheets - she is waiting To be born once again, or be lost in a life hard and hating You have what you want - you care for no-one Your crime is the passion of love on the run Sometimes it's strangely exciting To be swept off your feet by the beat of your heart when you hear Torch songs for the heroine Torch songs for the heroine Your energy wasted in love, it's more sacred than sin...

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