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Can′t play my guitar They're sleepin Listening Buckley′s song

While you're with him Dylan in my head When you're in his bed There′s no way i can forget You′re just like the others I can't tell you brother what i feel I′m bad I'm just trynna see the light But I can′t reach it It's the first time when I′m Writing with heart After all of that I fell in love Do you know difference Between you and me? You've forgot all the memories While I can't sleep Cause I′m impressed I ′m drunk I 'm fallin You know the reasons right? Cause I′m in love with your eyes Its a good day right? It's funny how things can change I know I′m just clown Whos tryin to find his queen But I'm not a monster Like what you and your friends think Last night, you phoned But i don′t speak So tell me what you think Can't play my guitar They're sleepin Listening Jeff′s song While you′re with him Smokin cigarettes While You're with him

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