SongtexteA letter for someone

Painful by Kisses

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Everybody hates me, standing here alone with a lot of pain I just turn on my stereo, hiding from the sounds where it talked about me Someday if you don′t want me to stay I only can accept and go away I put this letter cause I can't hold it on again And I want dying bleeding. Is this my destiny? To get this misery I don′t know where's my fault... So fake and hurt for me Just wait your full regrets, when I lay on this bed Fullfilled with fresh of blood, I guess this is the one... To stay away from me Everybody kills me, no I feel so lost on sanity I kicked it to the radio, it's better than I heard they talked about me Today is last for me to stay, the trigger near my head is waiting me I wrote this letter cause I can′t hold it on again (Reff) What I′ve got just mistakes, there's nobody won′t forgive me It's so difficult to go on... And I am crying... oo.oo... To stay alive it′s to late, cause nobody won't believe me I gave it up and I hope with this way can make it right

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