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Hands up, not wrapped up Rap ′bout the rapture IG captions found on iPhone captures

Manic depression, feel my body at maximum Time well spent, well time's ticking and I float away Watch as peers passing him Think i′ll hang back some I'll find my groove one day 'Til then it′s fireplace and old jams playing A solo song, somber and slow the way my pace goes One day I could go ghost, you know Looking down, not looking down Looking down at my accomplishments I made it now I made it how Made of mistakes, throw my body to the ground Throw my head in the fire and throw flames at the crowd Hit my boy, oh he′s busy Hit my other, nah, he's busy too Maybe i′ll just uh Go get the knowledge Do the knowledge, tune into what's right Catch the right frequencies This man been on the frequency so long They thought it was something different about him When it was something different about you Rap thru this rap rapture It′s a wrap for anybody rapping after Why i'm normally last on track Still first place, you got it backwards if you think Imma fly just to sink Sly-eyed, heart of sleet Slide by in my sleep high I′m out of sync still Fine for a drink and drive to the links alive Starting to think I am, not when will I be This messy puddle got me feeling lots of gas in my flesh vessel Gotta keep it pushing, gotta keep it pushing Past the point of looking back Locking in, just keep a cushion For the fall when your soul leave And body feel the cold breeze Winter's come to stay, the time it may be to change The clocks back to when you remembered why you gotta snap Hear it in my tone, f an iPhone capture Write this as your next IG caption Stars are ever brighter when you accept night Understand light balls the fire Hands up, not wrapped up Rap 'bout the rapture IG captions found on iPhone captures IPhone captions with the IG captions

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