SongtexteSee You in Valhalla

No Remorse

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Young warrior, with heart of pride Goddess of fate by his side Out to fight for kith and kin

The rage of Odin to forge his wind He raised his sword and slayed his foe He was brought to the ground by an enemy bow I saw that great warrior fall, And this is what I heard him call - Chorus: I stood by my people and my people′s needs And if a man is judged by his deeds (repeat 2 lines) Then I'll see you in Valhalla Fresh faced man engaged in war With the fight and the courage, the fight of Thor Out to defend the Fatherland From those invading - alien man The time has come to leave this place He fought and died for the love of his race Gun in hand, the soldier fell, And this is what I heard him yell Fighting those with flag of red Among the crowd, a true skinhead Fists of steel, heart of gold A man so loyal and a man so bold Fighting foes of filth and hate This is when he met his fate In the street I saw him die And this is what I heard him cry The spirit of warriors gone Is with me now, and it does belong With those courageous, proud and true Who know just what they′ve got to do So learn the lessons of those gone by And do my best and I will try And if the Valkyries come one day This is what you'll hear me say

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