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No Remorse

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See it on the TV sets, see it on the streets Degrading sights of Aryans, Groveling at the black man's feet

Forced to mix at jobs and schools, We really have no say, Well you can keep your Racial suicide, I'll do it my own way... Chorus: Keep it White x 4 You know it's right x 4 So let's keep it White Was it a communist plan to enforce integration? They're screwing up our neighborhoods And bringing down our nations We're spitting out the lies you've fed Your brainwashing won't work We refuse to integrate on the streets or at work... Don't forget who built this land, And don't forget who rules, Let's show the blacks where they stand Expose the liberal fools... Let's spread the rebel's call Let us all unite, Let's fight to save our nation, And fight to keep it White... This Time The World There's a new hope for the youth today, It's not black power or communism, What it is I will now say, It will be carried out with pure precision... Chorus: This time the world, This time the world This time the world, world, world, world We won't believe the media's lies They try to indoctrinate me, We'll fight against the capitalist ties, Their mental fix on greed... And now we know the truth at last, We see it not distorted, Even now our future is cast, We won't rest til the system's aborted... And now we fight the eternal jew With our rebel flags unfurled, We've got something good, We've got something new, We'll take this time the world...

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