SongtextePhone Calls

Nic Marco

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 20. April 2020
#together against coronavirus

Another morning at the office No surprise, I'm late again Say hello, ask where the boss is

You don't know, but we've got time to spend Phone calls, phone calls, another with no answer You're having better luck than me Fill the time with banter and music Who cares who did or didn't approve it? I fell in love in my fantasy Information doesn't flow too clear I get the feeling there's still more to learn And I haven't told you about my hopes and fears Or the monster in my closet that makes me yearn I like you because you get it I like to think you like me back But one of us is indebted to poison Talk about conflicts, I prefer to avoid them Sometimes it's hard not to feel attacked You've got a voice that makes me smile You've got a smile makes me feel warm But I'm still bogged down in denial I think the monster only wants me to perform Phone calls, phone calls, telling me to come home I feel like I don't have a choice I dance when I hear your ringtone song Our time together doesn't last too long Call me one day so I hear your voice If I had something to do I think I'd like to go and ask you to Come along and do nothing with me You see I fell in love with you, you fell in love with me In my fantasy

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