SongtexteWhere Do I Belong

Mr. President

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Chorus: Why did you leave me here Now where do I belong? And now I ask myself If all I did was wrong What good is love When it can break a lonely heart? And tearing my life apart I still got the ring I gave you last year I won't get caught like that I swear The tears you shed You didn't care I need somebody That will always be there All I feel and what's inside The love I had I could not hide That how it is so Now I'll come clean Don't wanna say it twice You know what I mean Chorus Got bitten once before Won't happen again So don't come crying Saying you need a friend Why did you leave me hangin' in the den Wanted to write But I couldn't find a pen You didn't even want me You didn't even care There is nothing more in common And nothing more to share That's it is So now I'll come clean It's time to say goodbye So don't cause a scene Chorus

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