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Mr. President

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Do you feel the rhythm of the night, let the music play, Every thing's all right, Let your body sway,

Takes your breath away We won't forget a minute of this night, Till the break of dawn everything's all right, It's a lovely day, hear what I say Just forever and one day, A life in love and harmony that's all what I pray for Just forever and one day, Baby that's what friends are for, that's all what I say Aoeoeo aoeoeo Just forever and one day Take a walk into the morning light, Get down to the beach and save all a while, So wild and free, just you and me Hold me in your arms and read my lips, Feel me and touch me with your fingertips, So tenderly and you will see, yeah What a ... it's summer and we're getting smooth, jumping and fiesta, make your body move, the temperature is hot and we're staying cool, so take of your clothes and jump in the pool... because the sky is blue and time is over and I'd love to stay to party on forever and one day Aoeoeo gimme, gimme all your loving baby Go, go, yeah, forever and one day Aoeoeo gimme, gimme all your loving baby Ah ah Aoeoeo

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