Montana of 300

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I′m in love with the coco I'm in love with the coco I got it for the low, low

I′m in love with the coco Click clack, beef with me? That's a no no When I kick doors they like, oh no Bitch I make neighbors call the POPOs (Boom Boom Boom) He catching bullets like he Ocho Yall won't see that pussy no mo Caught my first body with a four four I fucked his bitch and gave her slow strokes Pussy is okay but I′m in love with the throat though Break bread with broski but be quick to tell a ho no No Young Thug, that′s no homo Bitch where was you when I was broke though? No we can't kick it stupid bitch, this ain′t no Dojo Like hockey rinks you know the flow cold I run this bitch you would think I'm coaching Flo Jo Get fucking paid like a ho stroll Stay in the field with them poles like a goal post Was selling bud for the low low Reggie mill, I even sold dro Still independent, got more wisdom than the old folks Stop selling drugs now I get 10k for a show though Bitch I′m Lebron, I'm way ahead of my time Fuck who ain′t rocking with me Compared to you niggas, Tony is way ahead of you niggas You don't need binoculars to see Bad yellow bitch and she driving for me 40 cal under the passenger seat Like D Wade, since day one been riding with the heat Had to do what I did to survive in these streets You already know if you don't grind you don′t eat Can′t take no more L's, don′t got no time for defeat And get help from nobody, so why we need guidance? I'm honest nothing was promised to me Ain′t no stop my shine, to the top I'mma climb Hope I make on time for my mama to see My brain is bionic, atomic, I guess I can come and teach you about astrology Fan say they love when I′m riding the beat I'm good with the flow, I can mop, I can sweep See niggas be hating then hop in a whip with a bitch and she got the Rap god on repeat Cursed With A Blessing on Itune right now, If you buy it you feel like you copping a ki Back in 08' I was copping them P′s Now I get paid just to hop on the beat Someone tell DJ Drama to holla at me, I Jeffrey Dahmer a beat Go talk to the Devil and ask him who is he He′ll tell you that he wish he was hotter than me I'm armed in this bitch, Iverson rocking the sleeve Goofys get popped when I squeeze Although I′m cool as a tropical breeze, I will let this bitch blow like a thot on her knees I feel for you niggas like I can not see I shoot like Ray Allen when popping the three Stop and pop up from the top of the key Don't want problems with me, bitch I got what you need Come to your crib and then rock you to sleep Body your ass then hop in the jeep, boy that 187 ain′t mean nothing to me Slide on them at night, they pajamas to me Get popped in your noggin, your partners retreat Every move I make them piranhas with me I promise you don't want to collide with a beast So fuck what you thought We gonna outline these squares up in chalk like they playing hopscotch in the streets When I come with them goons ain′t no goblins with me There ain't no way in hell you're surviving the heat Broski know how it goes We done been here before we gonna kick in the door and then pop them on three I been popping niggas, my big poppa spitting Bitch I got that Christopher Wallace with me Just bought a mac to flip you niggas like a laptop Get in my face watch me shoot it like a bad shot This shit like Nicki, get your ass shot You know I′m bodying that bitch like a mascot Extended clips holding three O Watch me shoot them like a free throw My 40 singing like it′s Ne-Yo That's bullet holes in your whip, now you Cleo You know I ball like a peep hole Chain swinging like It′s Debo I make them piss like a pee hole [?] hair falling out, chemo I'm taking over, bitch I′m taking over I'm taking over, bitch I′m taking over Do them like I did the last nigga Shoot them through the glass nigga

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