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Did you think I′d gone away This is the face you saw that day Staring at you with open eyes

You're safe in the daylight But in the dark I rise I′m the crime that you hid For you want yo forget that you killed, but you did! You will never be free Not as long as there's me Did you think you would escape the judgement that was planned? Did you think you would escape the truth's avenging hand Just because you have escaped the bound′ries of your land I′m here! I'm here! I′m never dead I'm here! I am the guilt inside your head (KIM finds herself back in Saigon, April 1975) You think your marine′s not like other men (CHRIS appears) He betrayed you once And he will again Think about that night Where was he back then CHRIS I'm getting you out! CAPTAIN SCHULTZ Sorry, sergeant, as things degenerate All I′m giving her is her emigration papers Without the wait, sign here CHRIS That's not good enough. . . CAPTAIN SCHULTZ This will get her on board the carrier You're declaring that you will marry her When you get back to the states, sign here (A solider brings in KIM) SOLDIERS The embassy will close according to plan CAPTAIN SCHULTZ I′ll stretch a couple rules to issue her pass That′s it, you're ready. nice ass. who′s next? SOLDIERS We're processing the gooks as fast as we can CAPTAIN SCHULTZ I mean Vietnamese, hey don′t get me wrong Can't leave these looks for the Cong - right? (The scene changes to the room of CHRIS and KIM) CHRIS Christ, I am due at the embassy No time to lose KIM I don′t want you to leave me today CHRIS Well at least Uncle Sam bought our honeymoon cruise KIM If you're going I don't want to stay CHRIS Look I′m leaving my gun We got time Stay and pack KIM Well I will do whatever you say CHRIS We′ll get plenty of word when the VC attack I want you in that bed waiting when I get back (CHRIS returns to the embassy) DOC Sorry, sergeant, we must accelerate State department says we evacuate The word is, we must be out by dawn CHRIS But my girl is out there! REEVES Sorry, sergeant, it's straight from Washington No one leaves the grounds now, not anyone As fast as we load the planes, we′re gone (A huge crowd of VIETNAMESE is pushing at the Embassy gates) GIBBONS (To the crowd) Okay! Keep quiet! don't shout! The Ambassador won′t leave till everyone's out The choppers′re on their way, there's room for you all TROY They're climbing over the wall! Get back! MORE MARINES Get back! I tell you, don′t shout The Ambassador won′t leave till everyone's out NOLAN (Entering) The Ambassador just sent an order to freeze HUSTON That′s it! No more Vietnamese! Get in! (In the streets outside the Embassy, KIM can't get through the guards.) KIM I′m the wife of a soldier Please, let me through! Help me, who must I pay? Tell me what I must do CHRIS (To an OFFICER) Let me out, I have got to go back to my bride! KIM Listen, someone! My husband is waiting inside! CHRIS (Telephoning, inside the Embassy yard) Please Kim Hear the phone I can't get there Please be home KIM (In the street) Please Chris No one sees I am lost here Find me please BOTH Please, get me through, I don′t care how Don't take my love away, not now KIM CHRIS Oh, Chris oh Kim I can't get free please get free Still I′m with you I am with you Wait for me wait for me FRYE (To CHRIS) Sorry sergeant, inside the Embassy! We are pulling out now and there will be No more reprieves CHRIS I got till the old man leaves! JOHN Chris, don′t be a ass The Ambassador is leaving now (CHRIS is forced inside the Embassy, whose doors are then barricaded. The VIETNAMESE are now yelling through the Embassy gates.) ONE VIETNAMESE Take me with you! Take my children! ANOTHER I have a letter, look! ANOTHER I helped the CIA! CROWD They'll kill who they find here! Don′t leave us behind here! A VIETNAMESE I've a wife who left already! ANOTHER I have an aunt in New York! ANOTHER I have gold, I can pay! CROWD There is no one to find here! They have left us behind here! (KIM has pushed her way through the gate.) KIM I must get in there, listen, anyone! Please tell my husband... look! I have his gun! A VIETNAMESE Out of my way, if that′s all that you've got! CROWD If I am here when they come, I′ll be shot! (Inside the compound: MARINES guard the roof helipad.) CHRIS Let me go, John, I can't leave her Why in the world should I be saved instead of her? CROWD They'll kill who they find here! Don′t leave us behind here! JOHN It′s not you, it's the war that′s cruel And if some dreams get smashed, perhaps it's best they were CROWD and KIM There is no one to find here! They have left us behind here! JOHN Wake up, my friend, your mercy trip has failed There′s nothing you can do, that ship has sailed She's not the only one we′ll have betrayed CROWD Get to the roof, or else we are betrayed! (The CROWD tries to batter down the fences.) KIM (In the yard) Oh, Chris I still believe The heart of you Is here with me My heart, against all odds Holds still (On the Embassy roof, the last helicopter lands. CHRIS runs up and down The wall, shouting for KIM. Finally he is forced to board the helicopter, Which takes off. The nightmare passes. KIM is in her little room with TAM.) (KIM takes out her wedding dress and puts it on) KIM You are sunlight and I moon Joined by the gods of fortune Midnight and high noon That's what we are How in one night have we come so far Outside, day starts to dawn One long night time is gone I feel you near I cry no more I know you're here I reach your door And our love is reborn! Bright′ning the sky With the flame Of love Made of sunlight Moonlight ENGINEER Kim! Kim! Chris isat this hotel! Go quickly! KIM Take care of Tam!

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