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Uh Greifers took our stuff away Now there is going to be hell to pay Gonna get our dimonds back In the chests of good you hacked You didn't know we're so op while you were bussing pillaging Now we're in your castle base Stick a sword right in your face Castle Raid Castle Raid (Look out) Castle Raid Castle raid Castle raid Castlle raid Castle Raid You never saw us sneeking in You should've used obsidion Gonna take your property Leave you in poverty Say hello to tnt Get our stuff so easily This is a clan We're playing a game Now your going down Castle Raid *8 ... Come on down on our turf Take our stuff Think youre going to get away Uh Uh No there's going to be hell to pay Castle Raid *8 Now you're going to pay Cause we're so op That's right End

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