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Michael LeMont

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I really don′t know what this means I don't know what it amounts to I believe God and i don′t pray to Satan

But uh I feel the need I don't know you tell me what that is Sauce on them no condiments Retros on the ottoman God let me have all of it Reminiscent of Solomon Used to rock with Obama and them But wasn't waiting on parliament To tell me what the hells wrong with me Everytime we have arguments I guess its just how you word the shit Pull up busting like Terminator A la vista affirmative Flying through all the turbulence They call me an alternative I just had to be optimist Even though they all cautioned it God got me in Providence But they don′t feel the same confidence And they just only want the compliments And they dont think they got it in them I stuck with the plan To run up the bands That was The Summer of Sam Running a scam Pulled up and blam Took all the money and ran They said I was lame and couldn′t remain I guess they were scared of the fame Or was it of change I guess you were cool with just staying in your lane You had a little run but its over So they take shots in covert Your girl looks sicker than Covid And mine looks sweeter than Frogurt And teaches me lessons of truth Your girls a reflection of you She never would fuss we rode on the bus Yet all that I wanted to do was Sauce on them no condiments Retros on the ottoman God let me have all of it Yeah

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