SongtexteCarol of the WAA

Matthew Taranto

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 22. Juli 2017
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Hark how the WAA All seem to WAA Joining in rhyme

WALUIGI TIME Christmas is here Presents are near To only me: Waluigi Waa waa waa waa That′s my hurrah While stifling Those caroling Waluigi at around 3 Eats Cheerios with Eario Waluigi beats Luigi (Waluigi beats Luigi) Saving the world Winning the girl So Santa bring your presents 'Cause Waluigi does not want coal yet again Walu-walu-walu-Waluigi (Listen to me sing harmony) Walu-walu-walu-Waluigi (S-A-T-B Waluigi) W-A-L-U-I-G I am the best Waluigi Time to go sing and time to bring This joyful song to every home. (Wa.) Wa-lu-i-gi TIME

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