Matthew James Hemmer

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#together against coronavirus

I just wanna hear anything And if i gotta say it to myself that's fine We could talk about anything

Anything at all to feel like we feel alright Cuz we all good mentally That's just how it's meant to be Ooh baby did you send for me Send for me Did you send for me I hear the symphony in my I hear the symphony in my Symphony in my mind Ny in my mind Me in my mind Me and my mind Just me and my mind Wish you could see in my mind Yeah I'm bouta give in to the hunger God damn i can't stand it no longer Said that i was staying in for the summer Had a plan i was gonna grow stronger But that's life tho They'll flip on you minutes before lights go on And suddenly you're like the only one Running behind all the holy God god god i don't know why i still listen to my demons It's not like i'm missing being Told i am nothing at all (I am nothing at all) Try i don't try i will fix it or i'll leave it I'm addicted to my secrets But we're not the only ones So what is life If we lie Let's be honest We're all honest When we die No more time On this planet Once we're off it Offer more Moral lines Keep them solid Keep a compass And you'll find We could be so alike If we tried But still we lie Down with snakes There's no honor And no honesty In life If we're fake No more makeup In our coffins Once inside We just burn Black to ashes We go back to If there's nowhere To go back to We just go but You don't have to If you try To build a better life If you try To be a better person Yeah it's worth it if you try It's worth it if you try It's worth it if you try

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