Mac Miller

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Continue to spread diseases, with my aids infested penis Putting seeds inside of bitches, give birth to retarded fetuses I am yet to witness success with less of a gimmick

It's either fun, happy, festive or evil anti-religious, so I guess I'm chilling with criminals, in a world full of cowards I see them throwing subliminals, dissing is pitiful My condition is critical, yeah I'm dying quickly I'm calling out for help but everybody dying with me I find it a pity how all of my crimes been petty Run in your house with a semi, turn your kids to confetti Feed the scraps to the dogs Load up the rifle then come after the blogs All ya'll can suck my dick, you see I'm after pussy, money, little serendipity Yes, I'm dipping all my limbs in gold, bitch, I'm worth a fortune Walking abortion, horror-core, mega-morphin' Face disfigured, yeah my thoughts are numb Stick out like a... sore-thumb Not as dumb as all these people think My mom said I need a shrink... Fuck everything you stand fo I ain't gotta be humble I'm the man ho I've been getting into trouble like hopping in a car Saw you walking out the store like "Where'd my van go?" And now my show's too good to get canceled You a pussy, all distressed, like a damsel Bet your brother handsome, these evil eyes were hazel Hang him by his ankles, sit back and watch him dangle Space boots, sipping straight goose, obliterated warfare Catastrophic bombs, I'm giving acid to my moms Hack into the government, computer system fill the world With superstition, cruel intentions, welcome to a new religion Open up your mouth and then I'm pooping in it I lose endorsements cause I'm too sadistic But, super-prolific, fuck her and her friends She tell me that their cootchie itches My dick is booty scented

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