Mac Lethal

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I... Adamantly attack the alphabet With an anecdotal algorithm made of Adamantium I′m like an Adderrall addicted anaconda or an alcoholic Or an asshole, like A-Rod, no anabolic s, But I, brutally and beautifully butcher the banging beat Brushin' bubbly allover your booby and booty beef Cause I′m a carpenter, I come carvin' your carcass Leaving all these carp fish crushed on the carpet Crumbling chron' in Colorado with my Cal cronies I′m crammin′ it full of condiments like it's a Calzone Delicious! I didn′t drive and drink Whether diamonds or dimes man I'm diving deep like an Electric eel, I′m elegantly eloquent and every cent I've ever earned Just entered me in the election I got eleven brains like an enormously educated Einstein with Elephantitis Of the erection A freak! I′m fighting with a flatfooted felon Five falcons just flew to a fountain, and fell in Googling googly-eyed girls to get inside Golly gee from GlasGow to Guatemela's gentrified A hippopotamus is high on heroin he heckles me And hires Haitian Hank to hand his hoe a hysterectomy In hateful hieroglyph I hurl-out hyperbolic hubris And hang with Hipster Helen the hooker with huge hips I'm ill. I′m Icarus. I ignite idiots in idioms and issues Jumpy jargon I joust like Jacare jivin Japanese Judo and Jiujitsu Killin em like a kid. got a Kilogram of Ketamine for Kwanza In a knitted Kimono made out of Komodo Dragon skin I′m richer than a Klingon kickin it at the Kremlin But I kick through your door, kall me Kramer Kardashian Lethal. Literally litter a little limerick That be littler than a Leprechaun A menace that'll manifest the melancholy mayhem Makin a metamorphosis until mechanized like Megotron Nick Nolte: a nerdy native of Nebraska Needs a neon ninja and a nectarine from NASA Ominously, I mean it′s obvious you see a: Orthodontist oozing out oodles of onomatopoeia Oswalt: Patton Pickin a pocket pluckin a patent I pickle purple poop in Patron for pure passion I got a question, I gotta quiz ya Lets step on the gas and go quicker Really getting ready for the revolution Reeled a rotten rhythm ring around a Russia Ronda Rousey resort Serve a simple sentiment a simile that's smokin Like a sheet of Sudafed i′m swiftly swimming like a seahorse TITTIES ON ATILLA TELL A TELLER THAT'LL TOE TAG TERMINATOR GUN INSIDE A TURTLE TATTERED TOTE BAG THUGS ARE UN-AMERICAN UNATTRACTIVE AND UNWANTED AS AN UGLY PAIR OF UGG′S VIVID AND VIVACIOUSLY VENOMOUS With the wicked wombats only walking where women is Gettin xenophobic at the Xanadu XoXo Yippy-ki-yay,! Yours' Truly, Mac YES YO!!! Oh shit, I forgot Z... Zebra.

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