SongtexteNo Hook, Pt. 2


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#together against coronavirus

Aye She told her mans I go where they go Got all this ice and still feeling Fuego

Got three bitches down to meet in San Diego Guns built weird like they made from play dough She'll fuck you then rob when I say so Still be going out no need to lay low Louis nail polish Designer her toe Supreme my machete Hype beast Rambo Slid up on my story and said something cheesy I gassed it up cause she paying to meet me I'm talking air fare and no it's not fair but shawty really wanna see me Bitches acting weird I call that hoe Phoebe She'll try and fuck and then clean up afterwards And then she'll try to come and feed me Niggas do anything to piss me off They just wanna be me I cannot fuck with these niggas They riding my wave Like churches chicken do them greasy Niggas act tough from my city But dick get hard whenever they listen to breezy It's easy for me to just hop in the whip and then skrt on your block with the Glock Too many niggas outside so I turn around and clean up the mess with the mop Aye I'm back and I'm better I love my fashion more than I love bitches so I just put hearts on my sweater All of my bitches is foreign if I want to talk to them then I gotta use Rosetta When me and my pen pal first met we fucked cause she sent me nudes and never a letter If you did me dirty I didn't forget I forgive you but we still got a vendetta Trendsetter I fucked your bitch and then left and I know that upset her If he want fame this Glock put his name on top of newsletters He was a debtor Pussy boy had never paid me my fee Bullets sting his ass just like a bee He keep on thinking about gossip he heard This headshot will have him spilling the tea Me I move in silence stay on the down low But my choppa singing high key Gave this nigga about a few options to survive But we could never just agree Now he talking about the action movies that he love Well my bullets come in 3D Dom better than any rapper that you listen to So who fuckin with me

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