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(Uh, Woah) And I don′t want to live no more I can't help it I don′t think I'll wake up yeah Feeling the same I don't think they hate us

They say that they losing they just blame us They say that we winning we so gracious Wait until they see we got the paint They say what you smoking This that dank I got high status, I got rank, like the titanic You gone sank, You gon′ see me winning high stakes Ain′t no falling how about that, Wait until I get it back How you pull and I attract one and two I get it back, Yes I'm pushing it right forward Yes I′m switching lanes, Watch them come right back And forth, They gon' hear that flame Yeah I feel like I′m stuck up in the matrix They say everything's ok, I can′t take this And I don't want to live no more I can't help it I can′t help it, I can′t help it And I don't want to live No more I can′t help it

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