Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Are you ready to try again? I think I'm ready Okay. Here we go

Esquína Corner Tienda Store Bombilla Lightbulb You're sure? I'm... sure Three out of three, you did alright! Teach me a little more... Calor Heat Anoche Last night Dolor Pain That's right Llámame Call me Azul Blue Ámame Love me Perhaps I do— Well, how do you say kiss me? Bésame And how do you say hold me? Abrázame Al amanecer. At sunrise Anything at all can happen just before the sunrise Al amanecer Al amanecer Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Sigue andando el camino por toda su vida Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Respira Sunrise Nina... I don't know Yo no se What to do Qué hacer Now that I've found you Ahora que te encontré What will he say? Qué dirá? When he sees me around you? So how do you say help me? Ayúdame And how do you say promise me? Prométeme Promise me you'll stay beyond the sunrise I don't care at all what people say beyond the sunrise Promise me you'll stay I'll stay Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise And how do you say "kiss me?" Bésame Bésame Bésame And how do you say always? Para siempre... Para siempre... Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Al amanecer Al amanecer Al amanecer Al amanecer I will be there... Al amanecer

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