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#together against coronavirus

Fam wit me riding for the cause to It's just a lot of shit I wouldn't put my dog through I was side by side screaming fuck the law to

But if they tear gas the babies we gonna call who We all gotta choice to make we all do Let our voices go to waste and we all through Fuck a race wear a badge they see all blue Even when we march peaceful we see all troops Be damned if we gonna protest by y'all rules Snipers waiting for a signal like its all cool Fuck it ain't no more traveling close all routes Staring at the task force like y'all all food Don't even let a bike cop make the wrong move And provoke a city war damn near all June Ain't hard to stay woke and have 'em sleep on us But its hard to walk up market and not speak on it As I stand rollin up amongst leaders And see the groups and the looting of our people I can be like some and act blind to it Or stand for something great and make sure none of mine do it But you not minority don't pay no mind to us We drumming to a different beat this ain't ya kind music But as y'all stream and download our kind music Expressing anger through the years that y'all lied to us 302 forever standing for who stand wit me that's my mood forever They burned Black Wall Street so who looted better They gentrify your neighborhood so they can loot whenever bottom line And stop arguing with your own on how they choose to engage And debate with your emotions on social media pages Its still a pandemic and niggas ain't getting paid Only label you essential you help with government aid Unemployment all time high but look how time fly Never thought I'd live a day to see with my eyes Police station rolling purple up with my guys Hood to hood protesting without my pride

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