SongtexteIgnition, Parts II-V

Leon Song

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Unshut this cerebrum to cut me out ′Cause I lost almost of my territory I'm a mother of wind hunters, clawing everywhere until the sky bleed

Hey you crawling on the clouds! You′ll never make it to hide your shadow Now day's in tuned come join here to look at the time in the wind Why did you bring me here, with the ground on my back? All my anguishes through my pores cannot be swept Struggling desperately to delay decay Blowing salmons light as my sins, and safe as death I spent all my youth in her pen as her wish And my great escape plan was crushed down with me I should had hung myself in her womb, with the umbilical cord Keep putting on that pity-face, as if you're the victim I used grow a legal dream and that grew me too But I had to watch that being fallen, trampled and rotten til I swallowed, alone In this pen Please be normal What is being normal? That′s too dangerous Now myself is the one most dangerous I used to grow a legal dream. And that grew me too But I had to watch that being fallen, trampled and rotten til I swallowed Then it nested under my teeth There is no way to puke or excrete it When it′s in my head, it thinks instead of me When it's on my throat, it spits instead of me You′ll lose everything And then, you'll know everything I am still here, the past, where you used to be alive The only where i can stay sane, where I destroyed, so where i am caged Everything repeats the repetition Like the moon rises to fall, and falls to rise Like another flower blooms to be soil again Like I keep restoring us The cold-dead us Like I keep restoring cold-dead us, in this past 그러다보면 나도 너가 돼있어 날 떠나고 싶어하던 너가 돼있어

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