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I′m feeling myself (myself) (hey) I'm feeling myself (myself) (Ouu) I′m feeling myself (Ouu)

(Myself) (myself) (myself) (Yah) (Aye) (Ugh) (hold up)(wait) Aye Aye i'm feeling my self (myself, myself) You feeling yourself (it's an official) (yourself, yourself) I′m feeling it, you feeling it, (fresh & so clean)(fresh & so clean) I′m feeling myself (Ouu) (Yah) You feeling yourself(Ouu) (Yah) (Fresh & so clean) Walk in the building Yes i'm feeling like, I′m feeling like (Ouu) I'm feeling myself, Walk in the building You feeling yourself, Walk in the building (Ouu) You feeling yourself, Walk in the building (Aye) You feeling your, you feeling your (Ha) You feeling yourself Dj Dj Dj want you play this song a bit (Huh) Now they really here, now they see the God Up in it (ugh) now they used to think Christian music was turnt down Water down, but they really heard my sound Like (ouu) did he do it, yes i really did it Had to remix it, put a little flavor just up on it Ouu you know it′s smacking like some hot sauce With that chicken (yeah you know) I ain't even really melt, but i′m really feeling myself On Monday through Sunday, feeling myself like Ouu yeah he did it, Yes (Yes) he did it the man up above Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, yeah he really came down (Ugh) (woo)(woo) Yeah you feeling it, everybody looking Like oh yeah they looking for a blessing yeah a miracle Yeah do something, Lord yeah we need you to rain right down No way (Ugh) Feeling myself Rain down (Ugh) feeling raise up Raise up, over them showers My showers, Them showers (Ugh) I'm feeling myself (ohh) You feeling it, we feeling it We feeling it, I'm feeling myself You feeling your I′m feeling myself, You feeling it You feeling yourself (you feeling it) I′m feeling it, You (you) feeling it (ohh) Yes we feeling it, I'm feeling myself (ohh) We feeling it, I′m feeling myself, you feeling it You feeling it, you feeling yourself Rain down on us (oh lord) Yess Lord (feeling it) Ouu we feeling it

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