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(Hmm)(hmm) I do congratulate you (Hmm)(hmm) Celebrate your small winnings (Hmm)(hmm) I do congratulate you (Hmm)(hmm)

There be so many artist′s with talent (talent) (ohh) I do congratulate you (congratulate you) Celebrate your small winnings (small victories) I do congratulate you (You're an star) Shinning Star, bright star (uh morning) Shinning Star we′re some star, some beautiful star (divine) (Divine) star seed, God chosen (divine) created To be a ruler of all nations (manifest) Don't Beat yourself up (oh noo) have a little bit more patience (Patience is the key) I do congratulate you (well done) (Well done) one more shot, one more time (one more) (One more) One more day (one more) dedication is the Key of obtaining your wins (keep the faith)(faith) Write down those visions then fast forward (Fast forward your life) now you are here (Welcome) (Welcome)in the career you manifest (Manifestation is real) thank you Lord (We magnify You Jesus) do congratulate you (Congratulation) To all those creative artist's Keep creating, Nothing comes to a sleeper but a Dream so believe (I do congratulate you) Press through it (I do congratulate you) Keep the faith (I do congratulate you) Kingdom Distribution love you

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