Songtextekool whip.


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You wifing that hoe you is stupid Like nigga you really a doofus She go "omg" for the bands (omgbxns)

She ruthless Copped me some ricks nigga that′s some cool shit Bitch in the bed nigga and she do tricks She ate my kids nigga like some cool whip Hop out the masi nigga that's a cool whip She gave me some toppy nigga, for some new kicks Im up wit keyvion flippin kilo′s Mexican plug call me his amigo Shoot at a opp close range like a free throw Bad bitch with me gon chupa mi pito All white tracksuit kick buttowski She come to the crib, know she gon arouse me Jug off a android nigga Xiaomi Jug off a android nigga Alcatel Fake ass chain nigga you know I can tell Brand new pack that shit came in through the mail 5.56s singing like Adele Test on a opp nigga I can never fail Extended the mag on the glock it look like an L You ain't got no bullets you shooting gel You talk on the gang we put you through hell Pull out the glock now he looking pale I just been going through it lately So many guns nigga like a cop Hating ass nigga get up off my cock Pull out the stick that shit finna chop I got his main bitch giving bop I got his main bitch giving suckage He talk down know I gotta up it Glock on me gonna cause a ruckus Sent him some shots he ain't even duck it Got her on cam like Sam Puckett Got her on cam like iCarly I got a white plug say I′m gnarly We spin his block nigga on a Harley Aye, bad bitch like my dreadlocks Drac (drake) on me make his bedrock Leave a nigga with a red dot This ain′t runtz nigga this a dead opp This ain't runtz nigga that′s yo mans She gonna throw it back for the bands Shoot at his leg make him do a dance He talking shit bro where yo mans? Niggas in that trap like I own a zoo He talking down nigga he a fruit He got a gun but he not gon shoot I'm in the trap nigga smoking boof I feel like Spencer James in that I feel like Spencer James in that coupe I feel like Spencer James in that coupe I feel like Spencer James in that coupe Bitch Aye Gang

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