SongtexteThe Lad Who Couldn't Love

Josaf Toh

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My day was fine That′s what I say all the time But you're okay

With my lack of elaboration The autumn leaves Down the path where we always meet Do the trees just Kinda lose their determination I see you and I smile My hat was blue You said you noticed my heart was too But you′d rather Be loved a little than not at all They say "you love a statue A rock that will fall and break you He bought you chocolates for good will" A dying daffodil We both crashed onto this path You said you're sure enough Will I leave my legacy as the lad who couldn't love You reached to hold my hands I said I couldn′t dance Now you′re begging the heavens to get another chance Some things I couldn't say "I love you" with your name Now you′re splashed on the carpet Wondering was it a mistake So humble yet so cruel So patient yet so brutal Tonight you're escaping to another country You said you needed a break from all this Poisoned, yet not toxic, no one′s fault but both our pain And you'll be writing about the lad who couldn′t love But tried his best not to make a mess But together they dug their grave I stood across the road Our tragedy foretold I beat you to it, to write about the lad who couldn't love

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