SongtexteOut of My Hands

John Lomacang

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 22. Juli 2017
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Questions filled the darkness, And I can hardly sleep. Feels like the world is on my shoulder

Like everything is on to me. Tryin' to find the answers, To somewhere I can see. Don't know what to do, Help me trust in You. To be the light I need. Take it out of my hands, Put it into my hearts. Take whatever I am, Make it more like You are. Show me how I should pray, When I don't understand or lost. Take it out of my hands. In the sea of hardship, I would swim against the tide. Somehow I'd always keep from drowning, By the ship will love my cry. Now I need You to teach me, There are things I can't control. When I can't be strong, I'm just holding on. Speak comfort to my soul. (Repest) You are my soul defender My all to you I surrender (Repeat)

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