SongtexteFlames (The Movie Themesong)

Jeffrey Hidalgo

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Good friends tayo noong una Caring sa pagsasama Knowing na may aasahan ka

Whenever you need me Feeling ko ay kay ligaya Engagement ay so kay sigla Together, basta′t nasa piling kita Then we are lovers Flames, we were two strangers then Puso'y nangusap at biglang umibig na We found that love was going stronger Flames, wanted to be with you At habangbuhay, sana ay tayong dalawa Holding hands, we both could say "I do". Sweetheart, tanging ikaw lamang Never kitang iiwan Happy, ligaya′y walang hanggan As long as we're lovers (Repeat except last line) Holding hands, we both will say "I do" (Repeat)

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