SongtexteF**k It

Jagger Khalifa

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 24. April 2020
#together against coronavirus

Another journey gone by Another story to sing Another lost boy

Who's lost his wings Forever running from life But that's the price I pay Future not that bright I'm just a slave to fame I could've been there By your side But my dreams were out there My hands were tied, yeah So I said "Fuck it" All we do is write these songs Every high, it keeps me wrong I don't, I just don't know Spend my life finding control Living in uncertainty Running from reality Mending all the broken dreams Lost in all the smoke and steam, yeah You could've been there By my side But you had your mind up I could see it in your eyes "Fuck it" All you ever do is Waste my time Spend my dime Rule my life Roll the dice Spend my time I can see it in your eyes

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