SongtexteCheckmate (Dissin' 50 Cent)


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You did it baby! Congratulations, homie! You made history!

1.1 million in a short week! [laughs] Screw a press conference, press this on your conscience! D-Block, cheers! Yeah! I ain't mad, I don't wanna sound mad, I feel marvelous. D-Block, Double R, fuckin' faggots. We gon' handle this like grown men, you won't win You don't even feel comfortable in your own skin I rap my ass off, I'm fightin' the champ with the glass jaw At the Garden or Nassau See me, couple hood niggaz behind stars I heard you put a couple good niggaz bars, (Preme!) I might never sell that much But you can bet your last 2 quarters, I never tell that much Picture 'Kiss not come out swingin' It's like going to see 50 at a show and he don't come out singin' Yeah, you got a felony, but you ain't a predicate Never the King of New York, you live in Connecticut You don't be in the hood, you be in the woods Fuckin' wit' me, is where you really gon' be for good I hold the 4-5 myself, and hop out the Range on 1-4-5 myself This is a true fact Since when has it become cool to get shot and not shoot back Trackmasters shelfed you, Bravehearts helped you Then everybody felt you, now I gotta melt you And don't try to pull rank on 'Kiss Cause the niggaz I'ma send to do it ain't gon' miss Be layed up stiff, I spit straight up 'piph I did real songs with BIG, no made-up shits And I don't got a problem with clout You ain't get shot again yet, so what's your second album about? (Nothin'!) Your raps are pre-school, you made a lot of money, now be cool 'Fore I swell up your lips like seafood Can I get a mic check? You don't stand a chance To dance with me dog, ya steps ain't right yet Block is just fine, homie, the D's straight Most likely your new CD is a weed plate Bunch of love songs, 100% pure garbage Just somethin' to break up buds on You should just sell clothes and sneakers Cause outta your whole camp your flow's the weakest I'm in the town where the young boys is clappin', (clappin') You runnin' around with the lieutenant and captain, [laughs] It'll take a lifetime to see 'Kiss You had to get shot 9 times to be rich Rat ass nigga, you's a animal You's a motherfuckin' animal Pig ass nigga, you's a animal You's a motherfuckin' animal Snake ass nigga, you's a animal You's a motherfuckin' animal Matter of fact, you ain't no animal I'ma show these motherfuckers how to handle you D-Block!

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