SongtexteThe Mistletoe And Me

Isaac Hayes

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This time of the year, Which we call Christmas. People full of cheer,

Oh and kids are wishful. But most of all, To make it complete There's you The mistletoe and me. Look at the flames in the fireplace, Embrace each other. And mother nature's clad in white (Ooh) wants to sing for her lovers (yea). And through the house All is serene Just you The mistletoe and me Listening to the sounds That comes with yuletide As they flow from near and far. Looking in your eyes, Cause they're bright and shining With the glow Of a distance star. Fate is santa claus And cupid's his helper I'm so grateful because (Ooh) they brought us together And together we are And we will always be Just you The mistletoe and me. Oh you Moe I said you Oh you Mistletoe and me.

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