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I got breast implants, Payed by my boyfriends. I got a botox injection under my skin,

I only play with sex, but I don′t let them in! I got fake nails, don't answer e-mails. I am a sillicon valley walking on two legs, What′s the price of the world? I can write a check! (Refr.:) Cause I'm a 21st Century digital Girl, I don't know how to love, but I live in this world. My daddy is a work-a-holic millionaire. My mom is on drugs, but I don′t really care! Yeah yeah yeah yeah YEAH! (/Refr.) I got a pussycat, Right in my Gucci bag, I′ve got a first class ticket, everythings permitted, 'Cause I can have it all! (Refr.) (Instr. solo) (Refr. 2x) 21st Century Digital Girl, 21st Century Digital Girl, 21st Century Digital Girl, 21st Century DIGITAL GIRL!

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