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Goo Goo Dolls

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And even though the moment passed me by I still can′t turn away Cuz all the dreams you never thought you'd lose

Got tossed along the way And letters that you never meant to send Got lost or thrown away And now we′re grown up orphans And never knew their names We don't belong to no one That's a shame But you could hide beside me Maybe for a while And i won′t tell no one your name And i won′t tell 'em your name And scars are souvenirs you never lose The past is never far Did you lose yourself somewhere out there? Did you get to be a star? And don′t it make you sad to know that life is more than who we are We grew up way too fast and now there's nothing to believe And reruns all become our history A tired song keeps playing on a tired radio And i won′t tell no one your name And i won't tell ′em your name I won't tell 'em your name Oooh, oooh I won′t tell ′em your name I think about you all the time But i don't need the same It′s lonely where you are Come back down And i won't tell ′em your name

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