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Hey Kyle! Fruit snacks and cups of Patron, parties on buses with hoes Me and my bros on a mission To leave with your riches, your bitches, and even they clothes Yeah, I don't know, probably give it to charity or somethin' Every girl nowadays wanna marry me or somethin' Hate that shit, all I needed was a pic But yo ass always sendin' me a narrative or somethin' Naked pic of tits bitch, I ain't even knowin' it Boyfriends hate me and I ain't even noticin' Lemme tie a girl down, I ain't never roll with them Hella blunts heavy but I'm second hand smoking them Really real, it's me and Gerald, tell all those lame niggas hide their girls Going dumb 'till I'm numb, couldn't even tell your ass how this feels Trying to write a rap when you're drunk is a skill though Bottles and bars and they're both being killed though Trying to talk to these bitches is hard Cause I sound like Boomhauer from King of the Hill though Girls do wanna come, wanna stay Sex and Super Smash Bros, hoes wanna play Truly fuckin' hard and I wasn't trying to party But ah fuck it, okay, turn up! I don't know why I get so high Wake up tomorrow and my whole day has gone by Doing what the fuck I feel like Will someone tell me is this real life? Last night was a movie I swear last night was a movie 'Kay, last night was cinematic I'm a women addict, it's been established She pulled my shirt then ripped the fabric Woke up shirtless, just in a jacket Roll a spliff of cabbage I'm living lavish, you're living average This isn't new man, I've been a savage Rolled every swisher that's in the package Yeah, I'm just young and blessed Pass that trash, I'm unimpressed These hoes get kicked out, that's sudden death I'm on one, probably could've hung with Hunter S Now I'm gonezo, cross-faded Took another shot, should have waited When tomorrow comes, I'mma hate it Up until then I'mma make it My mind is so gone, rollin' up more trying to get in my zone Fuck goin' out man I'm all good at home 'Bout to call an old girl I know I can bone So faded, so high So faded, so high If I do some more I'll pass out on the floor like I'm waving goodbye So faded, so high So faded, so high Every night on tour we all do drugs galore Man I stay in the sky

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