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Aah... You see smiles of the long-lost and reunited You see tears of parting ways and fears Of loneliness for the ones left standing on the pier Wind blowing last Autumn, Leaves falling on the gravestone... Step into the train Let it carry you away, let it carry you away... See the landscape flashing by Don′t you cry, cry... Let it be today (Day, day, day) When you reach out and pray (Pray, pray, pray, pray...) Let the snow veil your trail Head up high, high... How you went through all the weird and different places How you met and forgot all those unknown faces How you felt between their promises and empty embraces Now all is forgiven, all is forsaken... See the landscape flashing by, don't you cry... Let it be today when you reach out and pray, pray... Let the snow veil your trail, head up high... Pray... Pray, pray, pray, pray. Pray, pray, pray, pray.

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